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Name of project:

Balkan Web


Balkanweb, is the first interactive site about the Balkan region. The most clicked web in Albania. BalkanWeb, since its creation in February 2000, is the main news site for Albania, which conveys the news with photos and videos in real time. It covers all Albania and the region with news, it includes all categories: Albania, politics, Kosovo, social, economy, sports, chronicles, hourly news, suburbs, region, world, analysis, interviews, culture, technology, informatics, polls, forum, blog, discussions, horoscope, weather forecast, balkanweb tv, photo gallery, etc.

Country: Albania

Client Review:

“He always willingly and successfully try to do what is required, even if it means performing tasks that are not in the job description or if required to do extra work unexpectedly. Applies professional experience and/or knowledge of people expertly to forecast outcomes with at least 90% accuracy. Others trust his judgement because the choices have usually been best.”